Is Mark Hughes the Next Southampton’s Manager?

As their upcoming match is getting closer, Southampton is reportedly in talks with former Stoke manager, Mark Hughes, to replace Mauricio Pellegrino.

With only 1 point at hand, the Saints are now closer than ever to the relegation zone. The board took an immediate response by sacking Mauricio Pellegrino earlier this week. However, their decision leaves the team training for their next match this weekend, without a manager.

With only 8 games left this season, Southampton needs someone who can get the best out of their players. They still have the chance to avoid the relegation zone and finish in a better position than they are now. However, it is not going to be an easy job. The players have to fight at their best and work together to achieve that single dream. On top of that, they need someone who can lead them towards that goal. They need someone who is hard-headed enough to tell the whole team that there is nothing more important than collecting 3 points from each game.

A person with all that criteria is now before their eyes. Southampton is already in talks with Mark Hughes to take Pellegrino’s seat and lead the team towards victory. If Hughes agreed on the job, it will be his first job as manager since he left Stoke in January.

Perhaps Hughes is Southampton’s best choice for now. With 445 Premier League games in his record, he is not just an ordinary manager. He has dealt with many types of players and so far, he did his job well. He was with Stoke for more than 4 years, leading them to one of their best histories in the competition and yet he was sacked.

Well, that brings a good news to Southampton. If only he was still with Stoke today, it would be difficult to find someone who can help the team to survive the season. They are looking for a survival expert in football and Hughes is just a person like that.

With their new boss (hopefully), Southampton is looking for their second victory in this season. They will face Wigan on this Sunday and whoever comes out as the winner will have the ticket for the semi-finals. Hughes is now the deciding factor for Southampton. If he fails, Southampton will be eliminated right away. If he succeeds, we are going to see the resurrection of Southampton from the dead.

The deal has to be made quickly as there are only a few days left to prepare. Of course, there will be a drastic change in the team, despite the fact that Hughes once fought for Southampton back in 1998 – 2000. With only a few days left, the Saint’s players should put all their effort and focus on their new boss’ orders. It is their only chance of survival and they better not miss it. The pressure is now on them and if they don’t carry it well, Wigan will be the only one laughing at their failure.

Would Brazil Go to World Cup Without Neymar?

While Neymar is still undergoing treatment for his injury for the next 3 months, one big question remains. Would Brazil go to World Cup without him?

What did happen to him?

Neymar hurt his ankle and cracked his right foot metatarsal during PSG game against Marseille last week. PSG initially denied that they had scheduled him to undergo surgery, but we know that it was a complete lie.

When is the surgery?

After a meeting with Brazil national team, PSG confirmed that Neymar will return to his country, where he will undergo a surgery at a local hospital this week. Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar will be responsible for the surgery and he will be assisted by Professor Saillant, who will act as formal PSG representative.

How long?

We don’t know exactly how long the treatment will go. Neymar’s father once told the media that his treatment may take 6 – 8 weeks or even more, depending on his injury. PSG, according to Neymar’s father, is aware of this situation and they are not expecting to have him in their upcoming matches.

However, Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar, the person responsible for this treatment, is skeptic about Neymar’s father prediction. According to him, the treatment will at least take 2 – 3 months, if everything goes as planned. It can take longer if something happens during the treatment.

His absence will bring a huge blow to PSG, especially when they meet Real Madrid this Tuesday in their second leg. Everyone was expecting for a great game and now, without Neymar, many of us become skeptical of the outcome.

PSG has already lost the first with 3-1 from Real Madrid. Now, without Neymar, anyone can clearly see there is a little hope they can turn around the result.

Any chance he will show up at Russia?

Brazil has been looking for Neymar to be on their team for the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. When they heard him was injured, the Brazil national team immediately responded by holding an immediate meeting with PSG. Both sides agreed that Neymar treatment will be handed over to Brazil national team. He will return to Brazil, undergo a surgery there, and once he is deemed fit enough, he will immediately join the Brazil national team and prepare for the World Cup.

His name is already on the list and there is no sign that Brazil national team would easily go away with him. Brazil coach, Tite, still believes that Neymar will join their team right on time before this May when all nations should submit their preliminary squad to FIFA. Once they submitted the 30-man list, they will have less than 1 month to reduce the list to just 23 men for the World Cup.

The question is, will Neymar fully fit then?

It is still unclear. He might have scored 13 goals out of his 12 matches with PSG this season. However, with his current injury and the treatment he has to take, he will have a little momentum to regain his full strength, that if he had any momentum at all.


Swansea City at FA Quarter-Final: The First in 54 Years

After 54 years, Swansea has managed to step their feet again on the FA Cup quarter-final. They finally broke the quarter-final curse after beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-0. (Livescore Source: SPBO)

As the first half ended with a tie, both teams tried their best despite the lack of quality players they have. As the temperature drops, players from both sides found it more difficult to strike their opponent’s net. It took long enough until Jordan Ayew scored the first goal in 55th minute and put Swansea City on the lead. Fifteen minutes later, his teammate, Nathan Dyer finally ended the game with a close-range shot to Sheffield Wednesday’s net.

A game neither sides wanted?

With their current situation, both teams realize that they will never win the FA Cup at least for this season. Their first priority is to survive in the championship where they belong now: the Premier League for Swansea City and Championship for the Sheffield Wednesday.

Swansea City boss, Carvalhal, who once trained Wednesday players, even believed that both sides were playing well last night and the game should have been settled with a penalty.

Both Swansea City and Sheffield Wednesday made 5 changes during the game last night. With more than 10 players cup-tied or injured, this amount is understandable. Both managers surely want their players to be in the best condition for their next match.

The improving Swansea

As a manager, Carvalhal won’t let his team rest on an easy street if he found them able to be more productive. This is why he decided to put Ayew and Martin Olsson so the team can increase their attack and leave no gap for the visitor to score a goal.

The tie at the first half left both sides disappointed with the result. They are only left with the second half to change the result. Swansea City’s manager knew this and within minutes after he deployed Ayew and Olsson, the game began to change. It eventually takes 10 minutes after the second half for Swansea City to have the lead.

Despite Swansea’s victory, the game was far from entertaining. Both sides are playing low-quality match, especially if we compare it to recent match between Liverpool and Arsenal or other recent superb matches. Both teams have poor defense and attack. Perhaps it was only luck that gave Swansea their win in this match.

Wednesday, at the other side, didn’t play good enough to threaten Swansea. Their players often miss the chance to rip apart Swansea’s defense and score the goal. With their current performance, it is surprising they had gone this far in the FA Cup. Would they survive in the Championship? Well, unless they fix their game and improve it, it would never be a game worth to watch when there is Sheffield Wednesday in it.

Lionel Messi Saved Barcelona with A Draw Against Chelsea

Leo’s goal finally brought Barcelona to a draw against Chelsea.

The game was so intense with Chelsea always having their eyes on Messi, keeping him off from making an attack, while making several attempts to score a goal. After striking the post twice, Chelsea finally had its leading point after Willian delivered a fine low finish in the second half.

Chelsea almost won the game if only Andreas Christensen didn’t pass the ball to Andres Iniesta, who quickly passed the ball to Messi. Having the ball on his feet, the star player finally ended his 730-minutes with a left-foot kick, just 15 minutes before the second half ended.

It was unfortunate for Chelsea, but Barca is happy. This draw gives them the return leg on Wednesday, 14 March at Nou Camp.

The Blues almost won

Chelsea knows it well that beating Barcelona was not going to be easy. In fact, they had prepared a nearly perfect strategy and fierce tactical discipline for this game. Conte was so sure that they could win this game, not until the 75th minute.

Conte’s strategy to put Eden Hazard as their “false nine” and other players blocking Messi was so brilliant that it allowed Willian enough time to score a goal. The fight later continued with Chelsea trying to build their solid defense to hold any attack. Their stunning organization and willingness spread terrors to the opponent, including Messi and Luis Suarez.

The Blues was almost won if not for Christensen. His misplaced cross brought a curse to Chelsea as it went to Iniesta, who perfectly passed the ball to Messi, their worst nightmare.

The rising of Messi

The 30-year-old Argentinian footballer finally ended his 730-minute drought in this match. The previous 8 appearances he made without a single goal did appear to us as he was training for this match.

Chelsea, at the other side, understood the risk of playing with Messi at the other side of the field. Their solution was to keep him out of the room or make him run into a mass of Chelsea’s players. It was a brilliant tactic, but it only took a slip in their player’s movement for Messi to break away and score a goal.

What would happen to Chelsea?

We could see how disappointed they are at the final whistle. Their plan failed at the last minutes. If it is not for their fans who still supported them at the end, we wouldn’t know how deep that disappointment could turn.

Despite the loss, their fans recognize Conte’s and his players’ to bring down Barca. This match is not the end. They still have the second leg to fight for. They should be ready for the next match if they seriously want to prove their value.

The most important thing we learn from yesterday’s match is Chelsea has proven itself to be dangerous. Under Conte, they always come with sheer will to win and solid organization. Even the world’s best players should be afraid. The mistake they did yesterday should also teach them to fix any gap in their strategy.

Barcelona, on the other hand, should not be considered an easy opponent. Messi is still the greatest threat they should overcome, especially when he finally proved he is still the world’s best player. With Luis Suarez, Iniesta, and other Barca players at his back, Barca can rip away Chelsea’s defense at no  time.


Higuain’s Hat-trick Helped Juve Beat Sassuolo 7 – 0


Gonzalo Higuain suddenly became a star from the recent match between Juventus and Sassuolo. Juventus eventually beat its opponent with 7 – 0. However, this game is not just about the score. It is also about the excellent hattrick Higuain scored at the Allianz Stadium.

When Higuain scored his hattrick during the second half, it was already too late for Sassuolo. The club had to suffer four dramatic goals from Juventus players. Miralem Pjanic and Alex Sandro scored the first two goals for Juventus.  This moment was shocking, however. Pjanic and Sandro rarely pose any threat to the opponent. However, this time they prove that we are wrong this whole time. Later, their teammate, Sami Khedira doubled the score for Juventus.

Sandro’s decision to strike Sassuolo’s defense was right. After a failed attempt to clear a corner kick, there were many gaps in the opponent’s defense. He moved right away to strike. Upon receiving an excellent passing from Daniele Rugani, he curled the ball past the goalkeeper. With this goal, he has now collected two goals in this season.

Sassuolo tried to win over the game, but it did not end well. Higuain managed to steal the ball and scored another goal for Juventus. Later on, Alex Sandro passed the ball to Khedira, after receiving a nice pass from Pjanic. Khedira, who stood free at that moment, nicely scored a goal for his team.

A few minutes later, Juventus sealed their win with excellent teamwork between Pjanic and Khedira. His excellent passing allowed him to pass Sassuolo’s defense and broke their offside trap. Then, he quickly gave the ball to Khedira. Then, Gianluigi Buffon tried to assist Khedira as he was planning to make another goal. At that time, Pol Lirola from Sassuolo came and tried to break their formation.

As a result, the referee presented Juventus with a corner kick. Matteo Politano took the ball and tried to curl it over Sassuolo. This attempt, however, did not end well. However, despite the failed attempt, Pjanic brought the answer. Pjanic scored the fourth goal in the first half after receiving the ball at the edge of the field. It was a long shot, but he always knew that he would have success. Good news for him, he did.

When they entered the second half, Sassuolo’s goalkeeper, Consigli, tried to block Frederico Bernardeschi’s attack. However, he failed after Juventus deployed the same tactic from the first half, which they use to finish their opponents off.

In the second half, Higuain secured his place among Juventus scorers. He scored the fifth goal from the edge of the field. The Argentine player proved his true skill by scoring the sixth goal for Juventus. First, he broke the opponent’s offside trap. Once he was clear, he received a long ball, which he used to trick the keeper. After rounding the keeper, he ripped the net and created his 6th goal.

The last goal and also his hattrick occurred just 8 minutes before the second half ended. He took a nice pass from Bernasdeschi and used it to give himself a hattrick.

Is it Possible for Non-US Residents to Win US Lottery?

With millions of dollars of bonuses, no wonder many people want to enter any US lottery. However, can non-US resident enter the lottery? Is there a chance for them to win the game? Even if they win, can they claim the prize?

The good news is, YES. Even if you are a non-US resident, you can still enter the US MegaMillions and Powerball lotteries.

To do that, first, you need to be at least 18 years old and buy the ticket. Your national does not matter. Whether you are a US resident or not, as long as you physically buy the ticket on your own, you can enter the game. The latter means no online purchase. You have to physically visit the state lottery stand and purchase it on your own.

Please note, even if you win the money, the prize is still a subject to taxes regulations depending on where you live. A tax professional should be able to help you with this issue.

Buying the Tickets

The US regulations explicitly stated as I mentioned before, every contestant to visit the ticket selling stand and purchase the ticket there. Online purchase or delivery by mail is still illegal.

For this reason, you need to be extremely careful about lottery scams. If you do not remember having purchased any lottery ticket, do not believe anyone who told you that you had won the price. It is a scam.

Even a felon can win

Each state may have different rules regarding felonies entering the lottery. However, in most cases, they are free to join any lottery and win the jackpot.

Here is an exciting story. It was in December 2014 when a felon, Timothy Poole shocked the whole country, and perhaps the world when he won more than $2 million.

The truth is, no one expected someone like him to win the money. Back in 1999, the court convicted him guilty of sexual abuse. He later took a plea bargain after pleading innocent. The court accepted his request and shortened his jail sentence to one year. However, the same judge also put him on the national sex offender list.

The Florida lottery believed that as a contestant, Poole had the same right as other people, despite his criminal background. He then received his $2,219,807,9 in a lump sum.

Some people might believe that we should never allow people like Poole to enter the game. Their criminal backgrounds give us enough reason not to give them any money, which they can use to harm people. However, we should also remember one important thing. Even felons are people, just like us. They have the same rights, and duties just like everyone else has. Perhaps, we only need to narrow down the list. We do agree that some criminals should never have the right to enter any lottery, such as terrorists. Who could imagine what they can do if they win a huge jackpot?




“Manute Bol’s career as the world’s tallest jockey ended after the first race at an Indiana horse track Saturday night. The 7-foot-7 former NBA player never got on a horse, but he suited up in jockey gear — specially designed riding silks and white pants with a 48-inch inseam — and weighed in with the rest of the riders at Hoosier Park, a thoroughbred horse racing track northeast of Indianapolis. …Bol is now the tallest jockey ever licensed by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.”



Manute laces them up for the Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League!


Manute steps in the ring with William The Refrigerator Perry for Celebrity Boxing! Man versus another, more comically proportioned man!


The image is a pant, a breath, but it is an expiring breath, on its way to extinction. The image is that which extinguishes itself, consumes itself: a fall.

-Buzz Bissinger

Ain’t no way against me you can get juice

-Vanilla Ice


Jesus Bron Bron, u call yourself KING, you aint even BILLIE JEAN KING!!!!

because Billie Jean didnt cry when she was beaten by a backhand!!!!

SAY oops up side yo head, say oops uposide yo head somebody say obala!!!

When Tuff Juice put tha soul in tha hole destiny turned on the radio and tuned it to Stephen Malkmus who was closing out his set at Wow Hall in Eugene Oregon and honored his playoff promise when he yelled ‘FREE PAPA JOHNS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!’ and now the STICKS and STONES SERIES comes on home, Baby C’Mon!!!!!

The Wizards had to get back to playing basketball so Captain Antawn called a players only meeting after game 4 and sat his teammates down for two hours and read them Shel Silverstein books. And when he was done the team emerged as a real team again, ready for sharing. Nick Young emerged wearing a big cardboard box with a smiley face drawn on it but it turns out that had nothing to do with the Shel Silverstein stuff.

And it wasnt always pretty. Winning UGly isnt just the name of the Popeye Jones’ Learning Annex Seminar, its our new playoff slogan. ArgeyBargey, limbs akimbo, turnovers, stray passes, t-ups, mutt technique. Man DeShawn’s got an ugly shot! DeShawn doesnt shoot the three pointer so much as he squeezes it out!!!! But dont let those cleveland tears and tiaras fool u cuz this aint no beauty contest.

Game 5 answered some big questions, like do the Wiz still have fight in them?
and will they keep their poise?

and like wHo is the worst player in the NBA, Wally Szczerbiak or Anderson Verejao??

Sure ANDY VERAJINA is a bulbous spotfaced shirly temple turdface mofo but WALLY is as special kind of series-turning mess. Those oafy turnovers off the legs, the ball click-clacking off his tindersticks, his eyes cloudy with the powerless and resigned familiarity of old Bob Barker standing a lifetime infront of the giant prop Pachinko game on the Price is Right, thinking about the neutered as the big plastic chip goes click-clacking down to its $5 fate. Wally is so amazingly slow. If Lebron isnt even Billie King Wally isnt even Bobby Riggs.

How slow is Wally??

Wally is so slow he got a sponsorship deal from UGG Boots!
Wally is so slow he hangs round local special ed school looking to drag race the school bus!
Wally is so slow he warms up to Luther Vandross!
Wally is so slow that after games he gets treatment on his bedsores!
Wally is so slow at night he has dreams he’s Tracy Murray!!!!!!!!!!!

SO after this stirring road win why is it all NBA Analists wanna talk about is how they hate Gilbert Arenas?

How team is better off without him? Taking cheap shots at a 3time allstar who took pills and shots just to hobble around for his boyz? Saying team dont need Zero cause they get role playrers involved more when hes not making gamewinners all nitelong. Whatever that means cuz if players standing around thats a coaches problem but even then that doublethink is like saying “hey kick Jack Tripper out of the Regal Beagle so they can develop the character of Larry”.

Most outrageous of the haters is our old friend Mike WIlbon.
He penned some long penny dreadful thats all about some people called “doers” and how DC dont need Gil and Gil talked trash. Hold it Gil didnt talk trash he just was just candid bout wanting to get a shot at the Cavs but theres no personality beads on scorekeeper Mikes big abacus and even so you got a lot of nerve telling people to shhhh it. You aint the Librarian around here! You the towns biggest blowhard. Youre Star Jones pal. These days WIlbons bashing everyone, Gil, and Bloggers!!! grumping like a new money Mr. Wilson, being like hes Basketball Van Guardian, the judge, giving his Cosby sermons on black pride, throwing his phantom weight around, the King of All Leisure lectuiring folks on work ethic, more yappyyappy from the man only made in the lazy old George Michael mafia.

You think you have right to do all that talking


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Its the internet! Its an opensource frontier, its an apartment with the blinds left up, its a place of gatherers and the gathered, its a midget running through the big science lab letting out the monkeys.

You know who we’d be better off without? Michael WIlbon. Thats who!

Cuz these days you are less relevant in DC than an Arizona Big and Tall store. You smell like obsolesence and it smells bitter and musty like recalled Michael Jordan Incense!

Because Gilbert is the heart of soul of DC hoops.

While u r nothing but a Cowitch

With Gilbert the Wizards are Gabe Kaplans CBS team on Battle of the Network Stars.

Sure the other networks might win more and Chachi can stick his obstacle course record on his tombstone but you play for NBC you play for Savalas, and he was a facist captain, who humiliated his plauyers and set curfews and made Linda Lavin have an abortion all just to win. And u play for ABC you play for Robert Conrad and u get great splits in the team relay but you have to listen to his anti-semitic rants at practice and cover up Dan Haggertys heroin problem.

But you play for Gabe Kaplan you know one thing for sure: win or lose you will have fun, you will wear short shorts and you will hear bad puns and you will remember why you fell in love with sports in the first place and you will shower with Penny Marshall!!!!