King of the Mules Mike-al WIlbon and Evil DO'er Zacarias Massaoui!
Thanks Deric Payne for this one!
It made us think theres another guy who looks like ZMass...

Chucky Atkins and Zacarias Massaoui!! While the real Dirty Bomb please stand up!!
WHich then reminded us of...,

Hobo Charlie and just plain old Hobo!!!

YABBA-DABBA-DAGGER! Steve Buckhantz and Barney Rubble!!!
Tbanks to Ed Cobb for this beauty!

Wizznutzz Intern and former radio host Ken Beatrice and Roanoake Dazzle mascot "DAZ"!
One hides his shame in foam, one hides in a Mothering Hut(tm)!

Men In Tights! Antonio Daniels and The Brown Hornet!!!

Gilbert and Marvin Gaye!!! SOul Brothers! tnx Mike "La" Souza

Etan Thomas and Keith Hamilton Cobb !!! Thanks to We Are cuter Than U

Calvin Booth and Vincent Schiavelli the Fast Times guy!!!

Calvin Booth and Senator John Kerry!!!

Caron Butler and The Creature from the black lagoon!!!

Brendan Haywood and the Dinosaur from the Disney Movie!!!

Brevin Knight and Frodo The Hobbitman!!!

Juwan and Laettner and those Marines In Vietnam!!!

Coach Eddie Jordan and Sinbad!!!

Ernie Grunfeld and actor Bruno Kirby!!!

Juan Dixon and hearthrob Justin Timberlake!!!

Steve Blake and the Taco Bell Dog!!!

Trainer Steve Stricker asnd Fry from Futurama!!!

Gilbert Arenas and the Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine!!!

Charles Oakley and Treebeard!!!

Rod STrickland and Billy Bob Thornton!!!

Tyrone TNES Nesby and Todd Bridges!!!

Berine Bickerstuff and the Rev Jackson!!

Juanita Dixonj Jordan and the other MJ!!!

CHris WHitney and Linda Evangelista!

Abe Pollin and Dobby the House Elf of Harry Potter

Calbert Cheaney and CUba Gooding Jr.

Gar Heard and Robert "Benson" Guillaume

Ratko Varda and Jack Nicholson

Popeye Jones and Sloth from "the Goonies"

Tyronn Lue and Fat ALbert's Mushmouth

Moses Malone and Garrett Morris!

Scott SKiles and Loc Groundrunner from "Thumbwars"!!!

Jimmy The Rat Lynasm and Malcolm in the Middle!!

Wes Unseld and NEWMAN.

Doug Collins and James Woods.

John Nash and Alec Baldwin.

Jared Jeffries and Monchichi. Cuteness is thy name! Thanks to Cheniers Ghost for this one..

Doug Collins and Phantom of the Opera!

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