Swansea City at FA Quarter-Final: The First in 54 Years

After 54 years, Swansea has managed to step their feet again on the FA Cup quarter-final. They finally broke the quarter-final curse after beating Sheffield Wednesday 2-0. (Livescore Source: SPBO)

As the first half ended with a tie, both teams tried their best despite the lack of quality players they have. As the temperature drops, players from both sides found it more difficult to strike their opponent’s net. It took long enough until Jordan Ayew scored the first goal in 55th minute and put Swansea City on the lead. Fifteen minutes later, his teammate, Nathan Dyer finally ended the game with a close-range shot to Sheffield Wednesday’s net.

A game neither sides wanted?

With their current situation, both teams realize that they will never win the FA Cup at least for this season. Their first priority is to survive in the championship where they belong now: the Premier League for Swansea City and Championship for the Sheffield Wednesday.

Swansea City boss, Carvalhal, who once trained Wednesday players, even believed that both sides were playing well last night and the game should have been settled with a penalty.

Both Swansea City and Sheffield Wednesday made 5 changes during the game last night. With more than 10 players cup-tied or injured, this amount is understandable. Both managers surely want their players to be in the best condition for their next match.

The improving Swansea

As a manager, Carvalhal won’t let his team rest on an easy street if he found them able to be more productive. This is why he decided to put Ayew and Martin Olsson so the team can increase their attack and leave no gap for the visitor to score a goal.

The tie at the first half left both sides disappointed with the result. They are only left with the second half to change the result. Swansea City’s manager knew this and within minutes after he deployed Ayew and Olsson, the game began to change. It eventually takes 10 minutes after the second half for Swansea City to have the lead.

Despite Swansea’s victory, the game was far from entertaining. Both sides are playing low-quality match, especially if we compare it to recent match between Liverpool and Arsenal or other recent superb matches. Both teams have poor defense and attack. Perhaps it was only luck that gave Swansea their win in this match.

Wednesday, at the other side, didn’t play good enough to threaten Swansea. Their players often miss the chance to rip apart Swansea’s defense and score the goal. With their current performance, it is surprising they had gone this far in the FA Cup. Would they survive in the Championship? Well, unless they fix their game and improve it, it would never be a game worth to watch when there is Sheffield Wednesday in it.