Welcome To The Ike Austin CheesBoot

We are proud to announce the Ike Austin CheeseBoot(tm), a
personal podiatric cheese making device
for organic food and also FUN!
This device is a prototype, but when venture capitalists and foreigh investors have become in due time involved, the Ike Austin CheeseBoot(tm) will be widely available and have a touch of sophisticatiopn and elegance as well.

We would like to take this oppotrinites, as creators and TM holders of the CheeseBoot, to introduce our technology.
In a way that is EDUcational and also enterTAINING.
, the term that reflects our desires.


Mold and bacteria is a large contrbutor to the making of quality foods in the world for thousands of years. It is VITAL.


Pasteurising milk or cheese products can destroy the important enzymes that contrubte to flavour and aroma of fine cheeses!!!


The human foot is a thermodynamic wonder!!!!

Organic foods are very popular these days and for good reason. They are all natural and organic.
Also popular is the do it yourself attitude that many people have to a simple time, where they can make and do things for themselves.
"Do it Yourself."
Its very satisfying to acheive simple tasks in our crazy world of machines and bright colors. It stands to reason that food made in your boot would taste better than food bought in a supermarket, because of this alone, but ALSO because it has a wonderful full flavour unique to you and your conditions.

CHeesemaking has been around for thousands of years.
It is an "ancient craft". And it is the same today as it has always been.
Figure 1indicates how basic cheesemaking is done.

By looking at these steps, we can illustrate how the Ike Austin CheeseBoot is so wonderful and logical, and convenient as well. Friends have told us when we started this idea, that "it almost sound too perfect!".
Well pefection IS achieveable with our system.

We will take this minute to walk you through the steps involved in getting your own Ike Austin Cheeseboot off the ground and working
in just hours
You will be making firm curd from within your very shoe,

Who would have imagined? Well we did!
Thats right, while you are worlking for your job, your CheeseBoot is working for you, producing fine organic DIY Cheeseproduct at pennies a day!!! In fact, you can go anywhere in your cheseboot that you would go in a large shoe: shopping, dinner parties, even the beach, they all stand the test!

Heres how you can get started.
The secret to the Ike Austin CheseBoot begins with the "Curdle(TM)".

Thats right, "a curdle".
A curdle is our name for the essence of the cheeseboot.
Think of it as a "Girdle" that you use to "curdle" things. It is the boots amazing insert that gives it its name.
To make your basic "curdle and full Chheeseboot, you will need to assemble the following materials that can easily be found at hardware stores or pharmacys if not already in your home!

A. Cheese cloth. Of course!!!

B. 12 rolls of electrical or "duck" tape.

The duck tape is very important but also a simple reality.
Its relective metallic surface traps radiant heat inside the cheeseboot, as you will see later. It is also highly waterproof, and virtually "nonbreathable".
Do NOT attempt to go past this step with subsitutute tapes, such as "scotch" tape, or adhesive address labels. Take the time to do it right now for a payoff later.

C. A used athletic sock

This should be used, and the way it has been used can be varied, for different flavours and qualities of the cheesproduct. You can experiment, but for now we recommend and ankle high sock, used 2-3 times for mild activities. Leave anything that may have been attached to the sock in place. It is not impoortant to remove these things, except for glass or small pills that may have become attached to sock by coming off the floor by accident.

D. A plastic or metal or glass funnell. A common funnel.

E. 12 inches of thin rubber tubing.

F. A wooden or plastic spigot or tap.

A spigot like you find on large water coolers, or to tap syrup from maple trees. These are readily available at scientific supply stores also.

G. A very large boot.

This step is important too. The boot should be at least 4 sizes bigger than your natural foot.
The best boots to use are "moon boots", which are puffy insulated snow boots that deopartment stores popularised in the early 1980s. Many can still be had online or from older people.
If you cant find a "moon boot", a more expsnive option is a snowboarding boot, the soft but firm kind, which can be modified.
Do not use boots that are lined with sheep fur or animal fur, or that "breathe" or that are suede or unsealed leather.
Chemical retardant whaling boots we have found to leave a "metallic" flavour to the product, in our opinion.

H. 10 Ounces Rennet.

Rennet is a vital enzyme to cheesemaking . It is used to acidify milk and produce curd. or "curd".
It "coagulates" the milk. Rennet can be obtained at organic food supplies or cheese supply stores, easily.
It also appears in the vomit of babies.


H. 6 Litres of Calfs Milk or Human Breast Milk.

This is where the science comes in, so its is important to acquire this material.
The reason it is important is that the warm, sweet milk from the mammals teat has some of its very own enzymes, that can speed the ripening of cheese.
If you want to make cheese quickly, without the usually aging steps, a high concnetration of breast or calf milk must be used to speed things up. "OURs RIPENS IN THE BOOT!"
If you have difficulty obtaining this milk, use instead 8 1-quart tins of soured cottage cheese, (or cream cheese for foot brie)This will lead to hgiher fat cheese, but will improve the "mouth-feel" of the product.

Wait a second?!! you must be asking!
How can cheese go forth with starter culture??
Hah! That is where the real beauty of the Ike Austin CheeseBoot lies.
In the sublime secret of your own body!
Many of us dont get to know out bodys as well as we should.
It can make you feel shy to explore yourself, especially your feet, so we dont blame you!! But science has taken care of that for you!!
As we said, the human foot is a biodynamic and thermal marvel. But it is also a "hotspot" for BACTERIA!!

"ALL-Natural" bacteria occurs on us all the time, but it really prospers in places of low hygeine. Low hygeine though, though, is HIGHly important to all things in our world.
Good bacteria keep our body thriving and healthy.
This is true. Check it out, it will all come back true.
Sure there are some bacteria that are bad out there, but our body kills most of them quite easily. Very few bacteria ever reach your feet that are genuinely bad. But if you are hesistant, consider this: the beauty of the CheeseBoot system is that it HARNASSES the FOOTS OWN BIOTHERAML POWERS and puts them to work,
killing the bad bacteria
, while offering a moist and musty environment essential for the flourishing of good bacteria and infectious yeasts.

ANyway, thats for later discussion.

"STEP 1:

First take an old sock. It neednt be clean, and the way in which it is dirty can be exoperimented with for different tastes. Take the sock, and cut of the toes, and cut off the heal. Put the sock on.
Secure the top of the sock to the lower ankle with a strip of Duck tape.

"STEP 2:

Take the cheesecloth or muslin, and wrap sheaths of it around your foot to make a boot shape.
To do this, start with wrapping the ankle securly, then the calk and shin. Apply the cloth in alternating tight and then loose rotations, which will create "frills" which aid the cheesemaking proceess.
Wrap the toes and ankle LASTLY. This will reuslt in a CURDLE (tm) the inner secret to the CheeseBoot. The curdle(tm) should consist of some 20 layers of cheesecloth

"STEP 3:

Create you outer boot. To do this, either use a prefabricated moon boot as was discussed, or take a unbreathable insulated snow boot, and wrap the outside in many layers of tape.

Take the boot, and wrap the heel in ducktape. Take a sharp knife and puch a 1/2" diameter hole in the heel, through the tape you have applied. Take your spigot and force one end of it into the hole you created, so it is firmly embedded. Add addtional tape to secure it.

"STEP 4:

To begin the proceess add a an application of: 5 tablespoons of cottage cheese, and the full contents of the rennit. Add it to the inside of the outer boot.

"STEP 5!!:

Place your foot and curdle(tm) INTO the outer shell. Ease into the base mixture. Move your toes around, make sure you are able to move a little in the boot. Motion is vital!
Go about your day for 2 hours

"STEP 6:

After 2 hours do this:
Place the rubber tubing isde the back of the boot. Once inside, securely seal up the top of the boot, taping it just below the knee and securing the rubber tubing in place. Attach the funnel to the tubing.
Now you can add the Calfs Milk or Breast Milk. Pour it slowly patiently, so not to overflow the boot. Allowing it to absorb into the curdle.
Once all this is done, go about your day again,
for 3 days. or 72 hours.

Vary your activities, and when you can elevate the foot during rest to promote thermal current blood flow to the boot.

"STEP 7!!:

This is the key step!! After 72 hours, get a small bucket or erlemeyer flask, and open the spigot and drain the nutrient rich effluent.
NOW: take this effluent, and get the funnel, and POUR IT BACK INTO THE CHEESEBOOT apparatus!.
Thats right. Then repeat this process every 4 hours, until no effluent comes from the spigot.
By repurposing the effluent you maximixe the utilisation and absorbtion into the cheeseproduct of all nutrients, acids, salts and others. This effluent is in fact: a ENZYME-RICH PODIATRIC SLURRY.

"STEP 8:

At this point, remove the outer tape, and over a kitchen counter or chopping board, slowly work your foot out of the boot. Do not bother cleaning the inside. It will aid further usings, to build age.
With a pair of strong scissors, cut off the Curdle(tm) as like it was a cast. Open it, and slowly remove the cheesecloth lining.
What results is a
semi-soft cheese "skirt"
or sheet. You should see some good examples of marbling. Which is from the bacteria molds of Bacterium Lactis and Strep. Lactis.

"STEP 9:

There is no step 9! Thats it!!
Merely knead the moldy cheese skirt into a generous ball and store at room temprature.
There are many uses and serving suggeastions for this cheese. We will soon be updating this information site, with recipes and tips


You may have asked yourself this question.
We believe strongly in Ike ustin as a spokesman for our product and brand. here are some of the reasons:
1. Isaac story is one of beauty in American Sports. He went from being “banned” by the NBA due to a weight problem, to winning the “Most Improved Player” award. He lost 70 pounds to reach his goal. Isaac is a fantastic worker who focuses on staying in shape during the off season. During the summer Isaac spent time working out with his personal trainer. Isaac believes that he is presently in the best shape of his life.
2. Isaac's personal motto “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”
3. Isaac enjoys putting himself in situations in which he can help others conceive their dreams and realize their abilities to be whatever they desire to be.
4. Isaac is also an avid businessman, with several ventures in the working to help capitalize and obtain a secure financial future for his wife, children and family. He also lists a dream of becoming a "marekting icon" on his website. His agents were extremely aggresive about his involvement as a paid endorser who "gives back"
5. On Thanksgiving 1999 he was joined by Washington Mayor Williams and gave away 2000 turkeys and 2500 full food baskets to single parent homes and under privileged families. He believes that his own personal accomplishments and determination can be a motivator to children. Thats right: 2000 turkeys.
6. Ike Austin is very clean. His reputation and body. He is bald, which promtes a vision of shiny health. He is also 7 feet tall, and black with a gentle smile. Numerous independent surveys reveal these qualities to be highly desireable in the selling and education of dairy products, to the public.
Ike Austin is the "Total Package" as a celebrity endorser.
Affectionately known as “Big Ike”, due to his ability to be personable to fans on all levels and give the media the time they need. Ike is also a favorite of the media, they know that they can count on him to be personal, friendly, and informative.

"I Like Ike".
That phrase may not have been made for him, but it suits him, and will easily enter peoples minds when they see him and when we put in commercial collateral.

dont take it from us!!:

“I think that he is one of the great Horation Alger stories in the NBA . . .”
President of Basketball Operations Dick Versace

For more on Ike Austin, please see is website www.ikeaustin.com

For investor and commercial inquiries, contact wizznutzz@yahoo.com or cboot@wizznutzz.com, which is emails.
We look forward to your inquiries, and interest, and please stay tuned for exciting developments in our excellent quality PRODUCT.
Thank you.