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  This page is for those unfamiliar with the FETSIHISING OF FAT MEN, rthe Wizznutzz are rpund to present this guide to the "chub/chasing scene". There will be a quiz at the end , where you can test your knowledge of chubs, chasers and washington bullets!! This site is another effort of EDUtainment by wizznutzz.com , and is also a wonderful thing being that we will be openbed up to lots of small little sexually charged men, and the FBI. Hi Agent (chaser chaser) Skinner!!!Here are some FAQs.


  1. What the hell is a Chub?

 A Big fella. There are many classes of big fellas:

    1. Bear - Anyone with a lot of body hair. A hairy big man is a Big Bear.
    2. Gainer - Anyone that wants to get fatter by being overfed.
    3. Lineman - A guy that is heavy, possibly with a gut, but who has more muscle than fat.
    4. Chub - Any fat man, smooth or hairy, that is naturally heavy-set.


Weight Classifications: 

    1. Under 200 pounds: more of a chaser than a chub. Will never pass for a big man.
    2. 200-250: Overweight, but more from lack of fitness then anything else. This weight class is neither a chaser nor really a chub. I recommend either gaining more or losing some if you want to fit into this scene.
    3. 250-300: This is the light-weight chubby. He has a nice soft skin and a decent waist. Some chasers (20%?) find this weight attractive. You are heavy-set, but it does not keep you from having fun.
    4. 300-400: This is the mid-weight chubby. I typically am attractive to men in this range. They have wider waists, softer breasts, and bigger belly aprons. 50% of chasers find this size the best. They have plenty of flesh that us chasers love and can still have a lot of fun, though they can be restricted from some seats and rides along the way.
    5. 400+: This is the heavyweight chubby. I would say that 30% of the chasing scene think that the bigger the man is the better. Most chasers just love to rub up against them, feel their softness, and enjoy their hugeness.


  1. What is a Chaser?

There are many classes of chasers as well:

    1. Chasing Cubs: They like their bears big.
    2. Encourager: They like to make their big men bigger.
    3. Wolf: A guy that dates skinny men, but likes to pray on big men with low self-esteem from time to time. Watch out for these they tend to only want to be pleased.
    4. Chaser: A guy who finds fat on a man a big turn-on and would sleep with no other. They want to please a big man as much as he wants to please them.



Why DO CHasers CHase??
    1. Father Figure - fat men are portrayed as good father's on TV and movies.
    2. Renaissance - fat on a man looks healthier than skin and bones.
    3. Obsession - size become a trophy like a hunter.
    4. Abbott & Costello - Opposites attract.
    5. Vanity - A big man makes a not so big man feel skinnier.
    6. Body Heat - big men put off a lot of body heat that some chasers are drawn too like moths to a flame.
    7. Stereotype - big men are generally more friendly, loving, and caring.
    8. Teddy Bear - who doesn't love a big huggable body.
    9. Body Guard - smaller men feel safer in their presence.


  1. What do chasers like sexually that most big men don't know?

  2. CHasers like a big man that can smother themů and I don't mean take his hands and strangle them. I mean roll their belly over his body. Get on top of him and feed him their breasts. Sit on his chest; let him feel your presence. Press up against him constantly. These are things that drive a chaser wild.


  3. What do big men like sexually that most chasers don't know?
  4. I find that most big men like to be submissive and bottoms. Those not knowledgeable always assume that the bigger man is the top. Most big man like the idea of someone small dominating someone so large. Try not to worship their fat too much. That turns off most big men. If you are going to worship them, celebrate their minds and personalities as well. And don't just treat them as one-night stands.


    No cheating!!!

    AFter Reading this edutainmkent, can you identify what these wizrads/bullets would be if ("IF" lwayers!!!) They were ardent involvees in the Chub/CHase scene? Also, the answers "chub" and "chaser" are not complete, please provide classifications where possible!! Good luck!!

    1. Wes Unseld
    2. Kevin Duckworth
    3. Tyrone Lue
    4. Scott Skiles
    5. Charles Oakley

    answers below!!

    1. CHub:Lineman, 2. Chub: Gainer, 3. Chaser: Cub, 4. Chaser: Wolf, 5. Chub: Bear