A Word on Wizznutzz and Gangs

The Wizznutzz gang is a nonviolent gang.
We are a gang of love and EDUtainment and betterment most definitely. We have no bones to pick with anything except "Ignorance". Also the Ledroit Park Lords. Those brothers best watch their backs.

Using the Wizznutzz signal is something for responsibility and respect.
"RESPECT the code". Using this sign will identify you to others who have recomitted themselves to peace and brotherhood and Wizznutzz paternity. Bad ways of "mis"using the sign include: for demanding to get Executive nachos for the price of regular nachos, or to get Gold Club VIP treatments. The only favor the Wizznutzz gang sign will get you is "learning about yourself favor".

WIzznutzz friend-gangs are worldwide today. With strong chapters representing in Silver Spring, Landover, Brooklyn among the places.

Here are some examples of of happy persons giving love as Wizznutzz MEMBAZZ-4-LIFE:

Thats Ronald Reagan Givin Love!

A young WNUT Disciplzz WOrking hard on his Sign! Keep at Little Man!

Here are some other Gang symbols.
Youy will see these Violent signals aree inferior to the Wizznutzz Code.

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