Higuain’s Hat-trick Helped Juve Beat Sassuolo 7 – 0


Gonzalo Higuain suddenly became a star from the recent match between Juventus and Sassuolo. Juventus eventually beat its opponent with 7 – 0. However, this game is not just about the score. It is also about the excellent hattrick Higuain scored at the Allianz Stadium.

When Higuain scored his hattrick during the second half, it was already too late for Sassuolo. The club had to suffer four dramatic goals from Juventus players. Miralem Pjanic and Alex Sandro scored the first two goals for Juventus.  This moment was shocking, however. Pjanic and Sandro rarely pose any threat to the opponent. However, this time they prove that we are wrong this whole time. Later, their teammate, Sami Khedira doubled the score for Juventus.

Sandro’s decision to strike Sassuolo’s defense was right. After a failed attempt to clear a corner kick, there were many gaps in the opponent’s defense. He moved right away to strike. Upon receiving an excellent passing from Daniele Rugani, he curled the ball past the goalkeeper. With this goal, he has now collected two goals in this season.

Sassuolo tried to win over the game, but it did not end well. Higuain managed to steal the ball and scored another goal for Juventus. Later on, Alex Sandro passed the ball to Khedira, after receiving a nice pass from Pjanic. Khedira, who stood free at that moment, nicely scored a goal for his team.

A few minutes later, Juventus sealed their win with excellent teamwork between Pjanic and Khedira. His excellent passing allowed him to pass Sassuolo’s defense and broke their offside trap. Then, he quickly gave the ball to Khedira. Then, Gianluigi Buffon tried to assist Khedira as he was planning to make another goal. At that time, Pol Lirola from Sassuolo came and tried to break their formation.

As a result, the referee presented Juventus with a corner kick. Matteo Politano took the ball and tried to curl it over Sassuolo. This attempt, however, did not end well. However, despite the failed attempt, Pjanic brought the answer. Pjanic scored the fourth goal in the first half after receiving the ball at the edge of the field. It was a long shot, but he always knew that he would have success. Good news for him, he did.

When they entered the second half, Sassuolo’s goalkeeper, Consigli, tried to block Frederico Bernardeschi’s attack. However, he failed after Juventus deployed the same tactic from the first half, which they use to finish their opponents off.

In the second half, Higuain secured his place among Juventus scorers. He scored the fifth goal from the edge of the field. The Argentine player proved his true skill by scoring the sixth goal for Juventus. First, he broke the opponent’s offside trap. Once he was clear, he received a long ball, which he used to trick the keeper. After rounding the keeper, he ripped the net and created his 6th goal.

The last goal and also his hattrick occurred just 8 minutes before the second half ended. He took a nice pass from Bernasdeschi and used it to give himself a hattrick.