Is it Possible for Non-US Residents to Win US Lottery?

With millions of dollars of bonuses, no wonder many people want to enter any US lottery. However, can non-US resident enter the lottery? Is there a chance for them to win the game? Even if they win, can they claim the prize?

The good news is, YES. Even if you are a non-US resident, you can still enter the US MegaMillions and Powerball lotteries.

To do that, first, you need to be at least 18 years old and buy the ticket. Your national does not matter. Whether you are a US resident or not, as long as you physically buy the ticket on your own, you can enter the game. The latter means no online purchase. You have to physically visit the state lottery stand and purchase it on your own.

Please note, even if you win the money, the prize is still a subject to taxes regulations depending on where you live. A tax professional should be able to help you with this issue.

Buying the Tickets

The US regulations explicitly stated as I mentioned before, every contestant to visit the ticket selling stand and purchase the ticket there. Online purchase or delivery by mail is still illegal.

For this reason, you need to be extremely careful about lottery scams. If you do not remember having purchased any lottery ticket, do not believe anyone who told you that you had won the price. It is a scam.

Even a felon can win

Each state may have different rules regarding felonies entering the lottery. However, in most cases, they are free to join any lottery and win the jackpot.

Here is an exciting story. It was in December 2014 when a felon, Timothy Poole shocked the whole country, and perhaps the world when he won more than $2 million.

The truth is, no one expected someone like him to win the money. Back in 1999, the court convicted him guilty of sexual abuse. He later took a plea bargain after pleading innocent. The court accepted his request and shortened his jail sentence to one year. However, the same judge also put him on the national sex offender list.

The Florida lottery believed that as a contestant, Poole had the same right as other people, despite his criminal background. He then received his $2,219,807,9 in a lump sum.

Some people might believe that we should never allow people like Poole to enter the game. Their criminal backgrounds give us enough reason not to give them any money, which they can use to harm people. However, we should also remember one important thing. Even felons are people, just like us. They have the same rights, and duties just like everyone else has. Perhaps, we only need to narrow down the list. We do agree that some criminals should never have the right to enter any lottery, such as terrorists. Who could imagine what they can do if they win a huge jackpot?