Is Mark Hughes the Next Southampton’s Manager?

As their upcoming match is getting closer, Southampton is reportedly in talks with former Stoke manager, Mark Hughes, to replace Mauricio Pellegrino.

With only 1 point at hand, the Saints are now closer than ever to the relegation zone. The board took an immediate response by sacking Mauricio Pellegrino earlier this week. However, their decision leaves the team training for their next match this weekend, without a manager.

With only 8 games left this season, Southampton needs someone who can get the best out of their players. They still have the chance to avoid the relegation zone and finish in a better position than they are now. However, it is not going to be an easy job. The players have to fight at their best and work together to achieve that single dream. On top of that, they need someone who can lead them towards that goal. They need someone who is hard-headed enough to tell the whole team that there is nothing more important than collecting 3 points from each game.

A person with all that criteria is now before their eyes. Southampton is already in talks with Mark Hughes to take Pellegrino’s seat and lead the team towards victory. If Hughes agreed on the job, it will be his first job as manager since he left Stoke in January.

Perhaps Hughes is Southampton’s best choice for now. With 445 Premier League games in his record, he is not just an ordinary manager. He has dealt with many types of players and so far, he did his job well. He was with Stoke for more than 4 years, leading them to one of their best histories in the competition and yet he was sacked.

Well, that brings a good news to Southampton. If only he was still with Stoke today, it would be difficult to find someone who can help the team to survive the season. They are looking for a survival expert in football and Hughes is just a person like that.

With their new boss (hopefully), Southampton is looking for their second victory in this season. They will face Wigan on this Sunday and whoever comes out as the winner will have the ticket for the semi-finals. Hughes is now the deciding factor for Southampton. If he fails, Southampton will be eliminated right away. If he succeeds, we are going to see the resurrection of Southampton from the dead.

The deal has to be made quickly as there are only a¬†few days left to prepare. Of course, there will be a drastic change in the team, despite the fact that Hughes once fought for Southampton back in 1998 – 2000. With only a few days left, the Saint’s players should put all their effort and focus on their new boss’ orders. It is their only chance of survival and they better not miss it. The pressure is now on them and if they don’t carry it well, Wigan will be the only one laughing at their failure.