Liverpool and Their Fantastic Victory Over City

Finally, Liverpool reached Champions League semi-final for the first time the last 10 years after their fantastic victory over Manchester City. They finished the match with a spectacular 5-1 aggregate.

Their terrific defeat from the first leg left City with no option, but to win the game with at least 4 goals. Raheem Sterling even set a perfect chance for Gabriel Jesus to deliver a cool finish when the game had only lasted for 2 minutes, yet they failed.

Later, Bernardo Silva tried to score another goal, but it was another failed attempt when the ball hit the post. Even for a club as big and wondrous as City, they know for sure that Liverpool is not an easy team to deal with. They always put intense pressure on their opponent and this time, it was City who should bear that intense pressure.

City actually managed to score a goal. However, the referee quickly ruled out that goal due to offside, even when we could clearly see that it wasn’t anything near that. The ball came off James Milner from Liverpool. Even City’s manager, Guardiola, couldn’t agree with the referee’s decision and started to march on to the pitch on fury. When the referee couldn’t find out how to calm him, he was sent off to the stand and told to watch the rest of the game from there.

With their manager away, City players found themselves losing the momentum to win the game. Meanwhile, the visitors realized that it was finally their time to finish City with their killer blow. Their key player, Mo Salah scored his 39th goal for this season, only a few minutes after his teammate, Sadio Mane scored a goal only 11 minutes after the second half began.

Roberto Firmino’s classic finish eventually led Liverpool to one of their long-awaited moments. Now, their eyes are set on the semi-final, just a few steps closer to claiming the title.

The Reds is now waiting for their opponent in the semi-final. They will have to wait until this Friday when the draw decides who will be their next opponent in the semi-final. For better or worse, the Reds should be ready for anyone who might come out.

Magic Salah

Salah became one of, if not, Liverpool’s key players in this match. His fitness was one doubted enough for the game. However, his contribution in the second half proved that he is far better than anyone’s expectation.

In the first leg, Salah was substituted due to a groin problem. Luckily, he was able to join the training ground before the match and join the club in their attempt to beat Manchester City.

The Egypt international had to struggle during the first half as City tried everything they can to chase the deficit. It was the second half that was proven as the golden time for Salah and there was not a second he missed to prove that he is still an elite player everyone should beware of.