Ronaldo’s Overhead Kick and The Thrashing of Juventus

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo has made us wondered how much farther he can go with all his skills and talents. In his last match against Juventus, Ronaldo made the whole stadium cheered for his excellent, second-to-none overhead kick. It is his overhead kick which brought another victory to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo scored his first goal for Real Madrid after receiving a cross kick from his teammate, Isco. He also became the first player in Champions League who have scored at least 1 goal in the last 10 consecutive games.

Juventus once had chances to bring down the gap, especially during the first half. However, their attempts went fruitless until the end of the game. Even though some Real Madrid players made a failed attempt to score another goal, Juventus was powerless to hold the attack.

Then came the greatest moment of the match when Dani Carvajal kicked the ball from the edge to reach his Portuguese teammate, who quickly received the cross, soared with style in the air, and kicked an acrobatic shot past the opponent’s goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon. Buffon might have been one of the world’s best keeper, but he stood no chance against the mighty Ronaldo.

The strike was so brilliant that not only Real Madrid fans but also Juventus fans filled the whole stadium with cheers and applaud for the mighty Cristiano Ronaldo.

Things even got worse for Juventus. After 56 years of a clean sheet, this time they had to admit that Real Madrid has grown better than before. Moreover, they have to let go one of their key players, Paulo Dybala, who received double yellow cards during the match.

And Marcelo ended the game by securing Real Madrid’s place in the top four after scoring the third goal for his club from close range. It is another victory for Real and a miserable loss for the Turin side.

Defying all logic

At his 33, Ronaldo may not have the same speed as he used to, neither the huge impact tot he club. However, until today, he is still one of, if not the best and most effective goalscorer in the history of football. It only took him 9 games while playing for Real to score 18 goals. It is second to none, not even his mightiest rival from Barcelona, Lionel Messi can do this.

It took him less than 3 minutes to get the first point for Real Madrid. He almost scored another goal when he received a perfect passing from Karim Benzema, but he missed the post.

He had to wait around 60 minutes later until his magic moment arrived. When Giorgio Chiellini passed the ball directly to their keeper, Buffon, instead of towards Real Madrid’s defence, Ronaldo has been waiting for this mistake all the time. He perfectly waited until Carvajal got the ball and passed it to him, who quickly converted it to another goal.

During the 90 minutes, Ronaldo only touched the ball around 49 times, but it was more than enough for him to have 2 chances of making a hat-trick.