Will Russia World Cup Turn Into Another Hitler’s Olympics?

Boris Johnson thought that Putin is planning to promote another use of the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. He didn’t hesitate to tell that the upcoming World Cup might have a similarity with Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics.

To prevent his fear from becoming true, the foreign minister said that he is in conversation with Russia to ensure everyone’s safety at the tournament. However, a spokeswoman from Russian Foreign Ministry said that Boris was just poisoned with hatred.

The foreign secretary believes that this is an urgent matter, especially Russia’s decision to expel 23 British diplomats from their land. Without their diplomats in Russia, British government worries about the safety of their football fans, who will head there to watch the 2018 World Cup.

So far, the British government has received 24,000 applicants from the country’s football fans to go to Russia this summer. This is far below than 2014 Rio when the government received around 94,000 applications.

The foreign secretary said that even though the numbers are decreased, but the government is still well concerned about the safety of British people in Russia.

The ministry is reported to take this action after the recent Salisbury spy attack. Yulia and his father, Sergei Skripal are still in a critical condition after they were attacked with nerve agent Novichok. They were both found unconscious on a bench earlier this month.

On Thursday, Theresa May, British Prime Minister said that she will encourage all European leaders to consider this attack as Russian threats across European countries, even though the actual attack took place on British soil.

She will also urge all European countries to stand together to deal with these threats. She believes that only by fighting together, they can deal with these threats.

Earlier, the British foreign minister believed that Russia’s president, Putin, used this attack to tell the world that no one is safe from the Russian revenge.

The minister said this is how Putin sends a clear message to everyone who ‘betrayed’ their mother Russia. He wants them to know that once they betrayed their country and support her enemies, there is no safe place for them. The only thing that will happen in their life is death by assassination.

He also believed that Rusia picked the UK for their first attack because the country has been active calling out for Russia’s abuses so many times.

This attack and how the government responded to it will draw British – Russia relationship to become worse. Much of the image we see from Russia today is based on their ex Soviet Union’s triumph over both Nazism and fascism, especially during the Great Patriotic War. It seems Russia wants to continue living on this image and there is a growing fear that Putin will use this year’s 2018 World Cup to further grow that image and send a message that they are still the one everyone should fear for.

Boris Johnson, the foreign minister said that he is working with other governments to make sure this scenario is never going to happen. They are still seeking for international support because he knows that Putin is not going to surrender with British alone.