Would Brazil Go to World Cup Without Neymar?

While Neymar is still undergoing treatment for his injury for the next 3 months, one big question remains. Would Brazil go to World Cup without him?

What did happen to him?

Neymar hurt his ankle and cracked his right foot metatarsal during PSG game against Marseille last week. PSG initially denied that they had scheduled him to undergo surgery, but we know that it was a complete lie.

When is the surgery?

After a meeting with Brazil national team, PSG confirmed that Neymar will return to his country, where he will undergo a surgery at a local hospital this week. Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar will be responsible for the surgery and he will be assisted by Professor Saillant, who will act as formal PSG representative.

How long?

We don’t know exactly how long the treatment will go. Neymar’s father once told the media that his treatment may take 6 – 8 weeks or even more, depending on his injury. PSG, according to Neymar’s father, is aware of this situation and they are not expecting to have him in their upcoming matches.

However, Dr. Rodrigo Lasmar, the person responsible for this treatment, is skeptic about Neymar’s father prediction. According to him, the treatment will at least take 2 – 3 months, if everything goes as planned. It can take longer if something happens during the treatment.

His absence will bring a huge blow to PSG, especially when they meet Real Madrid this Tuesday in their second leg. Everyone was expecting for a great game and now, without Neymar, many of us become skeptical of the outcome.

PSG has already lost the first with 3-1 from Real Madrid. Now, without Neymar, anyone can clearly see there is a little hope they can turn around the result.

Any chance he will show up at Russia?

Brazil has been looking for Neymar to be on their team for the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. When they heard him was injured, the Brazil national team immediately responded by holding an immediate meeting with PSG. Both sides agreed that Neymar treatment will be handed over to Brazil national team. He will return to Brazil, undergo a surgery there, and once he is deemed fit enough, he will immediately join the Brazil national team and prepare for the World Cup.

His name is already on the list and there is no sign that Brazil national team would easily go away with him. Brazil coach, Tite, still believes that Neymar will join their team right on time before this May when all nations should submit their preliminary squad to FIFA. Once they submitted the 30-man list, they will have less than 1 month to reduce the list to just 23 men for the World Cup.

The question is, will Neymar fully fit then?

It is still unclear. He might have scored 13 goals out of his 12 matches with PSG this season. However, with his current injury and the treatment he has to take, he will have a little momentum to regain his full strength, that if he had any momentum at all.